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Toxic Effects Of Ingesting Eyedrops

Inside Edition December 2019

President Trump’s Unplanned Health Checkup

Inside Edition November 2019

Bernie Sanders’ Heart Stents

i24News October 2019

CPR Saving a Life

Inside Edition July 2019

Women and Heart Disease

Fox Business News February 2018

Analysis of Proposed New Health Care Legislation

Fox Business News March 2017

Donald Trump’s red meat diet – Advice for a Heart healthy diet

Inside Edition November 2016

Should the government continue to fund Obamacare?

Fox Business News October 2016

Hilary Clinton’s Fainting Episode

Fox Business News September 2016

Medical Evaluation of Candidates Running for President of the United States

Fox Business News September 2016

Workaholics Beware: Long Hours Linked to Heart Disease

Fox News “Happening Now” August 2015

High Blood Pressure Drug May Be New Treatment for Addiction

Fox News “Happening Now” June 2015

Cholesterol Drug Breakthrough

Fox Business June 2015

Study: Some Heartburn Drugs Increase Risk of Heart Attack

Fox News June 2015

Emotional Fear And Sudden Cardiac Death

Inside Edition Oct 2014

DEA restricts pain medication prescriptions.

Fox Business Aug 2014

CDC:mishandling of anthrax and H5N1

Fox Business July 2014

Strokes and Ministrokes

Inside Edition June 2014

Aspirin in the prevention of heart attacks

Fox Business May 2014

Medicare payments to doctors

Fox Business April 2014

New Statin Treatment Guidelines

Fox Business March 2014

sudden cardiac arrest in young athletes

Inside Edition March 2014


Fox Business January 2014

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Fox Business January 2014

Hangover: cause, prevention, treatment

Fox Business December 2013

Holiday heart syndrome

Wall Street Journal Digital Network December 2013

Controlling medical bills

Fox Business December 2013

Understanding deductibles copays and coinsurance

Fox Business November 2013

Aortic Valve Surgery

CNN November 2013


Fox Business October 2013


Fox Business October 2013

Prevention of heart disease

Fox Business September 2013

George W. Bush: Heart Stent Procedure

Fox News – the O’Reilly Factor August 2013

James Gandolfini-Sudden Cardiac Death

Fox 5 News July 2013

James Gandolfini: Sudden Cardiac Death

Entertainment Tonight July 2013

Heart attack and sudden cardiac death

Fox News June 2013

Is obesity a disease?

Fox Business June 2013

U.S. leads in medical costs

Fox Business June 2013

Potential new treatment for heart failure

Fox News May 2013

Smartphone apps in medicine

Fox Business May 2013

Medical Diagnostic Errors

Fox Business April 2013

Red meat and heart disease

Fox Business April 2013

Cholesterol and Macular Degeneration

Fox Business April 2013

Dangers of Compounding Pharmacies

Fox Business March 2013

Endo PAT : Early detection of heart attack risk

CBS New York March 2013

Endo PAT : Early detection of heart attack risk

Fox 5 March 2013

Endo-PAT2000 medical information at your fingertip.

March 2013

Dr Steven Reisman speaks about Losing weight.

Inside Edition February 2013

Dr Steven Reisman shares his thoughts on Mini stroke.

Inside Edition December 2012
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