Successful cardiac resuscitation appears to have saved professional hockey player Rich Peverley’s life according to Dr. Steven Reisman a Manhattan Cardiologist. Rich Peverley was sitting on the bench during an NHL hockey game when he collapsed and was immediately resuscitated with chest compression and defibrillation which is the application of electrical shock to return his heart to a normal rhythm. Supposedly he had undergone a procedure to treat an irregular heart beat found on a routine physical examination and EKG six months prior to this event. One report mentioned atrial fibrillation was discovered during that […]

New York City Cardiologist Dr. Steven Reisman Explains The Relationship Between Binge Alcohol Drinking And The Holiday Heart Syndrome

The holiday heart syndrome was described over thirty years ago according to Dr. Steven Reisman, a New York City Cardiologist. This entity which is important to keep in mind during the Christmas and New Year’s season occurs usually secondary to increased and frequently heavy alcohol consumption. It results in palpitations, a rapid heart rate and at times also an irregular heart rhythm. This syndrome is usually experienced by an individual without prior evidence of heart disease. One might experience “heart pounding” or palpitations at a rapid heart rate and possibly irregularity of the heart beat. It is possible also to […]
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